Alternatives to ED (A-tED) / Alternatives to Admission (A-tA)

GIRFT and the Integrated Urgent Emergency Care (iUEC) programme have developed new tools to support healthcare providers with managing their emergency department (ED) and admissions services within a local area.

Alternatives to ED (A-tED)

The Alternatives to ED (A-tED) tool is an easy-to-use scoring system to help systems and trusts measure, rate and compare the accessibility, availability and opening hours of patient-facing services which are on offer as alternatives to attending the ED in their area, including walk-in centres, telephone advice services, urgent clinics and community services.

Alternatives to Admission (A-tA)

Alternatives to Admission (A-tA) supports health and care systems with their admissions capacity, and helps them to develop a better understanding of the reasons for ward pressures by examining their provision of alternative services. 

Video: About A-tED/A-tA

A short video explaining how the A-tED and A-tA scoring framework supports health and care systems to improve the patient flow through emergency departments.

Video: How to use A-tED/A-tA

Product demonstration

Produced by the iUEC team, this short, practical explainer video shows how to get the most out of the scoring framework.

Start using A-tED/A-tA

GIRFT's Emergency Medicine Team

“A patient can’t attend a service that is not accessible, is not open or doesn’t exist and we know that too many people show up in ED because they can’t find anywhere else to go. These tools allow healthcare providers to examine the reality of their provision of alternatives to ED attendance and hospital admission, and to identify where there are opportunities to improve access for patients."
Dr Chris Moulton
GIRFT-EM and iUEC clinical lead
“We are working through the A-tED process, and it has already been an eye-opener for potential improvements in our system."
Emily Carney, MBA BSc (Hons)
UEC Transformation Lead , NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire