Best MSK

The BestMSK Health Collaborative was set up with the aim of recovering and rebuilding high-quality, high-value personalised MSK provision, integrated across primary, community and secondary care and with mental health, social services and the third sector organisations. 

This was in order to optimise delivery of evidence informed best practice guidance and pathways for prevalent MSK conditions (osteoarthritis, back pain and fibromyalgia), core rheumatology conditions (inflammatory arthritis, autoimmune connective tissue disease and vasculitis) and fragility fractures (hip and vertebral fractures linked with fracture liaison services), driven by metrics of population health, quality and value.

The programme closed at the end of September 2022.

GIRFT and the BestMSK Health Collaborative: From October 1st 2022, some elements of MSK work moved into GIRFT. MSK best practice guidance and pathways can still be found on the BestMSK Health FutureNHS workspace

Andrew Bennett

Clinical Lead for MSK

GIRFT’s senior programme manager Gina Godfrey:

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