GIRFT implementation

GIRFT has in place a comprehensive programme to help implement the recommendations highlighted in each national report including support to individual providers to implement these recommendations locally.

Seven regional GIRFT Hubs function as centres from which clinical and project delivery leads can visit trusts, commissioners and Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships in each region on a regular basis advising on how to reflect the national recommendations into local practice and supporting efforts to deliver any trust-specific recommendations emerging from the clinical lead visits. These teams will help to disseminate best practice across the country, matching up trusts who might benefit from collaborating in selected areas of clinical practice.

GIRFT works closely with other NHS bodies and programmes working at regional and trust level, such as NHS RightCare and the Care Quality Commission, to ensure a complementary approach and to streamline requests to providers.

To complement the local approach, GIRFT works nationally with a wide range of clinical, governmental and public bodies to design a series of complementary levers that will help trusts to deliver the recommendations on the ground. This will range from working with the Royal Colleges and national professional associations and societies on best practice guidance, to working with NHS England and NHS Improvement to ensure that GIRFT recommendations are reflected in any future evolution to regulation or national guidelines.

Through all our efforts, local or national, GIRFT will strive to embody the ‘shoulder to shoulder’ ethos which has become GIRFT’s hallmark as we support clinicians nationwide to deliver continuous quality improvement for the benefit of their patients.

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GIRFT implementationGIRFT implementation