Head and neck cancer

GIRFT programme has appointed a team of nine specialist clinicians to lead a national review into services for head and neck cancer patients.

Commissioned by the NHS England cancer programme team, the new workstream will focus on supporting England’s Cancer Alliances to better provide timely, equitable and effective care which delivers the best possible outcomes for both patients and NHS colleagues.

There are around 12,500 new cases of head and neck cancer diagnosed in the UK each year. The term ‘head and neck’ encompasses more than 30 areas where cancer can develop, including the mouth and lips, voice box (larynx), throat (pharynx), nose and sinuses and the area at the back of the nose and mouth (nasopharynx).

The GIRFT review aims to cover organisational issues, such as multidisciplinary team (MDT) working and workforce, as well as specific stages along the pathway, including improving the patient’s time to diagnosis and treatment.

Find out more about GIRFT’s data-led approach and best practice resources:

Dr Camilla Dawson​

Joint clinical lead for head and neck cancer