GIRFT Summary Emergency Department Indicator Table (SEDIT)


The Summary Emergency Department Indicator Table (SEDIT) is an easy-to-use, online depository of emergency medicine data, including novel metrics, that is updated monthly and is available to all NHS colleagues.

The SEDIT was created and developed by the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) clinicians and analysts to support emergency department (ED) teams in their improvement work. It offers the most up-to-date data available for each of the 170+ Type 1 EDs in England – usually no more than seven weeks old. This enables clinicians and managers to evaluate their ED’s current demand, capacity, flow and outcomes, to understand why problems are occurring, and to target the root causes.

Devised by GIRFT’s clinical experts for emergency medicine (EM) – Dr Chris Moulton and the late Dr Cliff Mann – the 50+ metrics in the SEDIT are displayed intuitively as ranges, charts and rankings, with colour-coded quartiles for straight-forward comparison, enabling teams to compare and benchmark their data with all other EDs in England. Further metrics and information are available on background tabs.

Why use the SEDIT?

The SEDIT supports key recommendations in the GIRFT national report for emergency medicine, which outlined measures to help match emergency care capacity to local demand more effectively, improve patient flow in EDs using data-based solutions, and reduce unwarranted variation in the resources available to EDs.

Start using the SEDIT

Register using the NHS England Apps Okta platform 

4 simple steps

  1. Locate SEDIT platform – visit NHS apps Okta page:
  2. Login to your NHS apps Okta account – once registered (or if you already have an OKTA/Insight account), login below:
  3. Request access to the SEDIT – scroll down to the bottom of the software list to ‘Summary Emergency Department Indicator Table (SEDIT)’ – select ‘Request Access’
  4. Complete – you can now access the SEDIT either via your NHS apps OKTA login

Access via Model Health System:

Email support:
You can also contact the NHS Apps support team for SEDIT access queries:

GIRFT's Emergency Medicine Team

"The SEDIT was designed to fulfil the need to understand why different EDs have both similar and different problems, depending on factors such as the local population and the historical staffing of the hospital."
Dr Chris Moulton
GIRFT-EM and iUEC clinical lead
"The SEDIT is an intuitive platform that can be understood with ease at all levels, therefore any domain area(s) that require further improvement, development or intervention can be identified easily.”
Darren Best
GIRFT and iUEC workstream manager