Toolkit map


At the notification of a specialty deep-dive visit

The trust-level team:
Receive notification of the intended deep-dive through the central GIRFT email inbox. The team then makes contact with the specialty team, arranges the introductory GIRFT session and ensures that the deep-dive visit is arranged at a mutually convenient time for the specialty and national GIRFT team.

The specialty-level team:
Liaise with the trust-level team once notification is received and start to determine the internal and external stakeholders to be involved in the deep-dive visit, and support completion of the questionnaire.

Introductory GIRFT session with specialty MDT team

4 – 5 months ahead of deep-dive visit

The trust-level team:
Arrange an introductory meeting with the specialty triumvirate (specialty lead clinician, nurse and general manager) to inform them of the GIRFT principles and process and to answer initial questions.

The specialty-level team:
Raise any questions with the trust-level team.

Questionnaire and supplementary information requests

3 – 4 months ahead of deep-dive visit – co-ordinated completion of the questionnaire and supplementary information

The trust-level team:
The trust-level team can liaise with the specialty team to ensure completion prior to the deadline, quality assure the questionnaire and submit the completed document.

The specialty-level team:
The triumvirate (specialty lead clinician, nurse and general manager) are ultimately responsible for the delivery of the questionnaire and other information for the deep-dive.

Questionnaire review

2 – 3 months ahead of deep-dive visit – ensuring accuracy and completeness of responses

The trust-level team:
Support the specialty-level team through an internal sign off process, following internal governance to ensure completeness and accuracy of response for submission to the national team.

The specialty-level team:
Responsible for discussing the detail within the responses internally, providing source accuracy and assuring the questionnaire is complete.
Make any required changes to the questionnaire responses identified through the internal governance process prior to sharing with trust-level team for submission to the national team.

Deep-dive data pack received into trust

2 – 3 months ahead of deep-dive visit – deep-dive logistics and attendance

The trust-level team:
Co-ordinate a deep-dive visit date between GIRFT national specialty team, local specialty team and trust executive team. Ensure executive led attendance for the visit, including:

  • Chief Executive
  • Medical Director
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Finance and transformation representatives.
The specialty-level team:

Specialty triumvirate identify a wider team who are all strongly encouraged to be present, including:

  • Clinicians
  • Specialist and ward nursing teams
  • Allied health professionals, therapists
  • Technologists/technicians
  • Other significant internal and external stakeholders.
Pre-visit meet and preparation with MDT specialty team

4 – 6 weeks ahead of deep-dive visit – pre deep-dive meeting and preparation

The trust-level team:
Meet with wider specialty team and walk them through the data pack, identifying areas that are likely to be interrogated in the deep-dive, both positive and those requiring development. Ensure the wider specialty team understand their ownership of the data and preparation for the deep-dive visit.

The specialty-level team:
Meeting of wider specialty team of individuals – including the triumvirate and additional key members they nominate. The wider specialty team is to take ownership of the data and preparation for the deep-dive visit, including: Working with the specialty informatics team to refresh data and understand the contemporaneous position, especially if any metrics are not recognised or are thought to have changed between the metric period and production of the data pack. Consider areas likely to be interrogated in the deep-dive visit, both positive and those requiring development.

GIRFT deep-dive visit

Immediately at the end of the deep-dive visit meeting (30 minutes extra at the end)
When the deep-dive visit is being planned, add an extra 30 minutes to the end of the visit for a meeting of the trust-level team and the key individuals in the specialty-level team. GIRFT regional implementation colleagues may also join. This meeting allows:

  • immediate reflection on the deep-dive discussion;
  • commending exemplar metrics, in particular top-decile performance;
  • noting areas where the trust is at a national average, where there is still much scope for improvement;
  • establishing an initial action plan of five key metrics for prioritised work;
  • nominating individuals to lead on each action.

Holding this meeting immediately after the deep-dive maintains the momentum of the deep-dive and also avoids the difficulty of trying to reconvene the group at a later date.

The trust-level team:
Enter agreed actions to GIRFT action improvement tracker.

The specialty-level team:
Sign-off on action plan with trust-level team. Specialty level team takes ownership for the action plan to lead on agreed actions and monitor delivery against these to inform the upward reporting.

Action plan reviews
Upward reporting
National report response