Below are a collection of videos we have produced, covering both what GIRFT is, how it works, and specialty-specific information.

GIRFT & SWLEOC elective hub toolkit tour

All about GIRFT

What to expect from a deep dive

GIRFT going forwards

GIRFT going forwards – a message from Professor Briggs

Adult critical care report

Anesthesia and perioperative medicine report

Breast surgery report

Cardiology report

Cardiothoracic surgery report

Cranial neurosurgery report

Dermatology report

Diabetes report

Emergency medicine report

Endocrinology report

ENT surgery report

Gastroenterology report

General surgery report

Geriatric medicine report

Hospital dentistry report

Maternity and gynaecology report

Mental health – adult crisis and acute care report

Neurology report

Ophthalmology report

OMFS report

Paediatric general surgery and urology report

Pathology report

Radiology report

Renal medicine report

Respiratory medicine report

Rheumatology report

Spinal surgery report

Urology report

Vascular surgery report