GIRFT data sharing on FutureNHS platform

The NHS England and NHS Improvement FutureNHS Collaborative Platform provides a mechanism through which GIRFT data can be accessed securely by NHS trusts. 

Other authorised organisations, with whom NHS trusts have agreed to share their GIRFT data, may also be able to access the GIRFT FutureNHS workspaces. This may include trust-led provider networks, ICS/STPs and NHS England and NHS Improvement regional and national teams and NHS partners including Health Education England, NHS Digital, NHS Resolution, NICE, Public Health England, NHS Blood and Transplant.

The GIRFT FutureNHS workspaces provide a secure platform for trusts to access their GIRFT related information for the purpose of service improvement within the NHS and for organisations that provide and support improvements to quality, efficiency and productivity of patients care in the NHS.

How to access GIRFT FutureNHS workspaces

Access to GIRFT FutureNHS is by invitation only and trusts may request up to ten users to have access to enable appropriate dissemination of data.

The Medical Director or a suitably senior nominated deputy (the ‘FutureNHS Accounts Manager’) for the trust must:

  • Have oversight of access to GIRFT Outputs/Products and services on behalf of the Trust.
  • Authorise requests for access to GIRFT FutureNHS on behalf of the Trust and request access for nominated users by sending their details (name, role, organisation and email address) to
  • Ensure that all users from the Trust accept and conform with these Terms of Use.

GIRFT Data products and outputs

The GIRFT data pack is a benchmarking product containing hospital values compared with national and/ or organisation-level comparators. It collates data from many different sources into a single product. The purpose of the data packs is to support the ‘deep dive’ meeting, where a GIRFT clinical lead discusses clinical quality with clinicians and managers from the hospital at which the deep dive meeting is taking place. The data pack is not published and is only shared with the trust to whom the data relates, and where the trust has given its consent to share their data pack with NHS England and Improvement regional and national teams to support service improvement.

Deep dive observation notes are the documents produced following deep dive meetings. These will contain recommended actions and notable good practice. Trusts will usually receive these within two weeks of their deep dive meeting. These notes will then be uploaded to the FutureNHS platform along with a video recording of the meeting to support the notes.

GIRFT Clinical Improvement and Implementation Plans reflect the variations highlighted in trust data packs; the improvement priorities discussed in the deep dive meetings; and recommendations set out in each national report. The overall focus of the implementation plans is on delivering sustainable solutions which are then transitioned to becoming ‘business as usual’ deliverables for the trust and, where appropriate, also for the NHS as a whole through embedding change at national policy level.

GIRFT questionnaires are designed to capture trusts responses in areas that can be used to support NHS England and NHS Improvement duties under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to protect and promote the interests of people who use health care services by promoting provision of health care services which are, inter alia, economic, efficient and effective. The questionnaires also help to gain information and data from trusts where specific data is not available from other sources.

Please read the full Terms of Use for accessing GIRFT products and outputs

These Terms of Use include important information about:

Accessing GIRFT FutureNHS Collaboration Platform Workspaces and maintaining appropriate levels of security and IG compliance.

Accessing, handling and sharing different types of GIRFT Outputs/Products in line with the purposes of the GIRFT programme and its relevant IG Policies.

All Users of GIRFT FutureNHS Collaboration Platform Workspaces must familiarise themselves with these Terms of Use.

By accepting an invitation to join any GIRFT FutureNHS Collaboration Platform Workspace or by using any GIRFT Outputs/Products you are a ‘user’ as referred to throughout the document and you accept these Terms of Use and agree to comply with them.

The Terms of Use include the following sections:

  1. Scope and purpose of these Terms of Use
  2. GIRFT FutureNHS Collaboration Platform Workspaces – responsibilities of users
  3. GIRFT Outputs/Products
  4. Sharing GIRFT Outputs/Products Appropriately
  5. GIRFT FutureNHS Workspaces Privacy Notice
  6. Viruses
  7. Using Information derived from GIRFT Products
  8. Limitation of use and restrictions
  9. Warranties and liability
  10. GIRFT Data Access Request Process
  11. Continued access to GIRFT Outputs/Product and GIRFT FutureNHS
  12. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  13. Governing Law and Jurisdictions
  14. General
  15. The use of Official Information
  16. Appendix 1 – GIRFT Data Access Request Form (Click here for Word format)
  17. Appendix 2 – Summary Flowchart