Call for transformation, innovation and improvement ideas from the NHS frontline

NHS Improvement’s Beneficial Changes Network is now open for a second round of transformation, innovation or improvement submissions from the frontline.

In the first year, the network received thousands of submissions from frontline stakeholders and partners across health and care and harvested their innovative and collaborative initiatives to share the learning.

The growing network now has more than 1,000 stakeholders from across health and care and has used the innovation from frontline teams, the voluntary care sector, and across the wider NHS and beyond to:

  • Influence Up through national policy and strategy.
  • Build a shared platform by creating a community of practice to enable sharing and learning and adoption and spread.
  • Support system development through what to take forward as new ways of working in the Integrated Care Systems.
  • Partner together across health and care by enabling collaboration with all.
  • Support innovation by building a movement and empowering teams.
  • Distil the high impact changes through evaluation in partnership with national programmes.

The BCN has committed to undertake an annual cycle which allows for further submission of frontline innovation or improvement.

The current round of submissions is not specific to changes which occurred during the pandemic, but is a general invitation for submissions in terms of transformation, innovation or improvement in care and in the delivery of care services.

Submissions should be made at by the deadline of Friday, 22nd October 2021.

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