Data quality dashboard launched to help improve theatre productivity

A new dashboard showing the quality of theatre data submissions is now available via the Model Health System (MHS), supporting trusts and systems to improve productivity and helping to drive elective recovery.

NHS England’s National Theatre Programme – which is supported by Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) – has launched the Theatre Data Quality Dashboard, offering a comprehensive summary of the data quality status in bi-weekly theatre data submissions.

The new data quality dashboard forms part of the Theatre Benchmarking Dashboard, which also includes the Theatre Estate Review. Click to access.

The National Theatre Programme draws together the key national workstreams involved in improving theatre productivity, efficiency and workforce, supporting providers and systems to maximise the effectiveness and throughput of their surgical theatres through improvements across the surgical pathway, in turn supporting elective recovery.

A new theatre data specification introduced in November 2022 presented the opportunity to develop additional metrics, adding extra fields and improved definitions, and allowing deeper insights into theatre performance. The new dashboard aims to support improvements in the quality of the data being submitted by providers adhering to the specification.

The dashboard features an overview data quality (DQ) score for each period, ranging from zero (indicating no submission or a non-usable submission) to 5 (representing well-completed fields across the board). It also provides an assessment of the status of each field in the submission, along with a time series pop-up illustrating progress compared to the national average. Users can filter by region, system or provider, with additional filters available for specific groups of metrics, such as those for clinician information or procedure coding.

The Theatre Data Quality Dashboard is accessible via the Theatre Benchmarking Dashboard in the theatres compartment on MHS, where it can be found alongside Theatre Estate Review.

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