Join lunchtime webinar to hear more on moving towards patient-focused pathology

Information on GIRFT pathology webinar

The Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) programme is bringing together a panel of leaders from the world of pathology to discuss how a shift in approach outlined in the GIRFT national report can be implemented to shape a more effective and efficient service for patients.

A lunchtime webinar – entitled Right test, right time, right result: using The Clean Framework to achieve patient-focused pathology – takes place on 27th January 2022, at 12.30pm.

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The GIRFT national report for pathology, shared with labs and networks in September 2021, outlined a new overarching framework to help shape the future of NHS pathology services, aiming to ensure the right test is carried out at the right time, with the right answer for each patient.

The Clean Framework aims to support and guide pathology labs across England to improve the patient experience by prioritising quality and value throughout the ‘end-to-end’ process, from the point at which a clinician considers a test to the patient’s understanding of the results.

The GIRFT report recommends that The Clean Framework is established as the governing ethos for pathology testing – including tests for COVID-19 – and as the basis of pathology accreditation throughout the healthcare system. GIRFT is working with national bodies to embed the framework across the whole end-to-end pathway, starting with primary care and emergency departments.

The webinar will examine how those working in pathology services can begin to broaden their perspective on pathology investigations to achieve more patient-focused pathology, in line with The Clean Framework.

GIRFT joint clinical leads for pathology, Marion Wood and Tom Lewis, and senior clinical adviser Martin Myers, will present on the finding and recommendations of their national report. They will be joined by:

  • Andy Brogan, who will talk about how The Clean Framework can help shift the approach to quality;
  • Dr Ian Fry, non-executive director of Pathology at Berkshire and Surrey pathology services, who will discuss improving services through pathology networks; and
  • Professor Jo Martin, past president of the Royal College of Pathologists and Chair of the National Pathology Board (NPB), who will look at the future of pathology.

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