Largest specialty rollout begins as 2,600 consultant orthopaedic surgeons are invited to access the NCIP portal

A national rollout of the National Consultant Information Programme (NCIP) portal is now taking place to all consultant orthopaedic surgeons in England, enabling them to review their individual outcomes data to improve clinical quality and patient safety. Around 1,900 consultant orthopaedic surgeons are being invited to join the 700+ who have already registered for the portal, making this the largest specialty rollout of NCIP to date. New registrants will gain access to 70 dashboards now live in the tool. These have been developed in collaboration with hundreds of orthopaedic consultant beta-testers to produce a set of high quality, specialty-specific dashboards which give consultants information on their clinical outcomes at a patient level, across their whole practice, reaching back to 2017. Data is included for 10 sub-specialties, such as foot and ankle, hand and wrist and knee procedures.

Key features include:

  • A ‘whole practice’ view, allowing consultants to see their surgical activity and pseudonymised patient records across all their providers in one consolidated view.
  • A ‘clinical leads’ view, enabling consultants who are specialty clinical leads to view the NCIP data for all consultant peers in their unit, supporting them in their quality improvement role.
  • Functionality to export data, which can be used to streamline clinical audit and support appraisal meetings as well as providing information for mortality and morbidity meetings.
  • The ability to filter procedures into sub-procedures, for increased granularity of outcome data.
Join us for a launch event and demo

NCIP, which sits within the GIRFT programme, is holding a launch event for the orthopaedic specialty on 22nd February 2024 (5pm), to introduce new and existing users to the portal and to demonstrate its benefits.

Hosted by NCIP’s orthopaedic clinical leads, Debbie Higgs and Professor Tim Briggs, the event will outline how the NCIP tool can support clinicians to improve clinical quality and patient safety, as well as supporting with appraisal and re-validation, learning and development, leadership, tracking procedures, research and audit. 

There will also be a live demonstration to highlight how NCIP can best be used in the paediatric surgery specialty.

NB: Attendees will find the session most helpful if they activate their NCIP account in advance – email the team at to register.

About NCIP

A new and improved version of the National Consultant Information Programme (NCIP) portal was launched in October 2023, and is gradually being opened up to around 10,000 users in England. The data is now available via the Model Health System, allowing NCIP users to move seamlessly between the portal and MHS.

NCIP is open to hospital consultant surgeons, clinical leads, medical directors and responsible officers, with the aim of providing greater visibility of consultant activity to reduce variation in outcomes, alongside identifying good practice to support clinical improvement and patient safety. More than 1,800 consultants across England are already using it.

As well as enabling surgeons to confidentially scrutinise and compare their performance, NCIP can also support with appraisal and re-validation, learning and development, leadership, tracking procedures, research and audit.

Urology was the first specialty to take part in a national rollout of NCIP, with vascular surgery and paediatric surgery following on. Orthopaedic surgery is the largest cohort to date, with 2,600 potential users. Spinal surgery will follow in March.

Working closely with national clinical leads and specialty associations, NCIP is developing clinical content for a total of 16 specialties. Future implementation will involve access for surgeons in cardiac surgery, cardiology, ENT, Gynaecology, lower and upper GI, neurosurgery, OMFS, ophthalmology, plastic surgery and burns care and thoracic surgery.

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