Paper of the month for urology study

Simon Harrison, William K Gray, Jamie Day and Professor Tim Briggs, he four authors of the British Journal of Urological Investigation study

The author of GIRFT’s national report on urology, Simon Harrison, has presented a video on the findings of a study into the impact of centralising complex uro-oncology surgery in centres delivering high volumes.

The study, conducted by Simon Harrison, William K. Gray, Jamie Day and Professor Tim Briggs, has been published as the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) paper of the month.

It investigated volume-outcome relationships in nephrectomy and cystectomy for cancer, and also tested GIRFT’s recommendation for a minimum annual volume for specialist urology procedures. The paper found that the current level of centralisation of complex surgery for urological cancers is reasonable and further centralisation would not, in itself, be a driver for improved patient outcomes.

Mr Harrison said: “I think it is encouraging that there is no obvious benefit to be gained by greater centralisation, and that the guidance on numbers in our GIRFT report, which mirrors the current situation for urological cancer, is reasonable. The agenda should focus on ensuring that all hospitals and surgeons providing uro-oncology surgery are delivering best practice techniques, training and quality improvement programmes to optimise outcomes.”

You can find the BJUI paper and video here.

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