Summary Paediatric Indicator Table (SPaedIT)

About SPaedIT

GIRFT and NHS England’s Children and Young People (CYP) Transformation team have recently updated the data tool (SPaedIT version 2)  to support healthcare providers with elective recovery of CYP services.

SPaedIT brings together provider-level data summarising demand, capacity, flow and outcomes, all in one place in an easily-accessible dashboard. 

Refreshed monthly, the data is available across eight key paediatric surgical specialties and more than 40 metrics, supporting frontline NHS colleagues in the 180 providers treating children in England (specialist centres and DGHs), as well as policy makers and commissioners.

Updates for SPaedIT version 2 include:

    • Introduction of a benchmarking tab that shows where your service sits compared to others
    • RAG rated metrics at specialty level, so you can see where each specialty is performing well or where there might be opportunities for improvement.
    • Additional suite of metrics including outpatient and inpatient cancellation
    • Standardised theatre utilisation metrics

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Find out more about GIRFT’s data-led approach and best practice resources:

Improving elective recovery performance using v2 of GIRFT’s Summary Paediatric Indicator Table (SPaedIT)


(16th April 2024)

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GIRFT clinical lead for paediatric general surgery and urology

“We know that the Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the lives of children and young people, resulting in significant backlogs in paediatric elective care. The data in the SPaedIT can support NHS teams working with CYP to identify where their issues lie and target improvement work, making sure that the recovery of paediatric elective surgery matches the pace of that seen in adult recovery.”
Professor Simon Kenny
GIRFT clinical lead for paediatric general surgery and urology and NHS England’s National Clinical Director for children and young people