Take part in GIRFT’s snapshot diabetes inpatient survey

Diabetes inpatient teams across England are being asked to take part in a GIRFT survey, to help create a snapshot of current service provision.

All teams have been invited to fill in the questionnaire (one per site), which takes around 30-60 minutes to complete.

The GIRFT national report for diabetes was published in 2020, following data-driven deep dives to more than 100 trusts. The report included a range of recommendations to support providers to improve inpatient care, including measures to improve insulin safety for patients with diabetes in hospital.

This snapshot survey will allow the GIRFT team to assess progress made on the report’s recommendations and to identify where gaps and variation still exist, informing GIRFT’s improvement initiatives and guidance going forwards.

“Staffing levels and structures of care are significant factors contributing to variation in inpatient diabetes care. We’d urge all sites nationwide to complete our questionnaire – maybe as a team exercise – to help provide an update on current service provision across England. We will then use the results understand which of the GIRFT recommendations have been adopted and where more support is needed to achieve improvements in patient care. “You will also be able to see how your service compares with the national picture.”

"The progression of inpatient diabetes teams has been most encouraging, but it is time to take stock of where things stand and what we need to do to continue to tackle the issue of patient safety around diabetes care in hospitals."

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