Elective surgical hub survey seeks staff views

Colleagues working in or with elective surgical hubs are encouraged to take part in a new survey from The Health Foundation, supported by GIRFT.

An online consultation has been launched seeking insights about hub processes and outcomes from stakeholders and staff who work in surgical hubs or are involved in their management or development. The aim is to gather views on the current state and impact of elective surgical hubs based on frontline experiences.

GIRFT is keen for as many hub colleagues as possible to give their views, and is working with The Health Foundation on a wider evaluation of elective surgical hubs which this survey will help to inform.

GIRFT has been at the forefront of NHS England’s drive to introduce elective surgical hubs across the NHS with the aim of advancing clinical outcomes, improving patient and staff experience, and optimising the use of resources. Surgical hubs perform planned care only and have dedicated facilities, separating the elective work from emergency patient flows.

The Health Foundation wants to hear individual views from as many staff as possible about their experience of daily operations and the impact of hubs in general. Using short question prompts, the survey seeks to explore staff experience across a range of key issues, including hub set-up, staffing, resourcing, and patient pathways, along with views on priorities for improvement. The aim is to capture in a systematic way the day-to-day workings of hubs and provide an in-depth understanding of how things are going. The insights will help GIRFT better target support, advice and new initiatives for hubs.

The consultation, funded by The Health Foundation, opened on 8 May and runs until 30 June 2024. To take part and for more details, go to

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